A virtual assistant is someone who offers technical, administrative or creative support services from a remote location.

As a virtual assistant, you may come under many job titles such as Online Business Manager, Virtual Administrator, Social Media Manager, Audio Typist and have many skill sets. However, all of these roles are provided virtually. VAs work as independent contractors meaning contractors do not have to cover holidays, insurance or benefits, nor do they have to pay for costly office space. 

Virtual Assistants are a great short term resource to quickly grow a business, cover staff for short periods or hire for a particular skill. In the long term, they can be an essential part of the everyday running of your business but in a time-efficient way, you are only paying for the work that is done for you. 



I offer general administration, document editing, data entry, newsletter production, event management, and desk-based research. However, I work with a range of associates and can also offer diary management, CRM management, website building, and graphic design.

I can offer these services as a 'one off' service or as a regular retained monthly service. These are by no means the extent of services I can provide if you would like to discuss your needs please contact me by clicking here, I offer a FREE 30-minute discovery call to discuss your needs and see if we would be a good fit to work together.