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Gift Guide For The Freelancer In Your Life 2017

Are you the friend or partner to a Freelancer and wonder what to treat them to for Christmas? Well hopefully my guide will send some ideas your way. I may have just wrote out my own Christmas wish list but I'm really sure others would be happy to receive them too. 



Let's start with the tech. we love it as it lets us do our jobs more efficiently and quickly,well most of the time.

Battery Packs: I love the RavPower packs as they light, bright and great for on the go. Retailing around £15 this site reviews the top charge packs this year. They'd make a great stocking filler. 

Amazon Echo: This little device can connect to all the other devices in your home, including lights, music and heating. Great for updating to do lists, or reminding you of that important Skype call. The perfect office addition

Apple IPad Pro: Okay this is a personal favourite sneaked in, although I don't think Santa will be that generous this year. A perfect way to take the office where you need to go, the Apple IPad Pro has a super big screen and you can add a bluetooth keyboard for typing up your blog posts during coworking. 



Every Freelancer loves their stationary and their dairy planner throughout the the year becomes their most import resource, so if you're buying don't make it just a plain diary make it something extra special. 

Daily Greatness Journal:  Not just a planner but a guide for consciously creating your day, includes not just a yearly diary but monthly goal setting sheets, dream journalling, self awareness and inspiration action sheets. It comes in a range of bright colours for all tastes. 

Janet Murray PR Planner: This was my planner of choice last year, this is a brilliant planner for anyone working in PR or social media. It contains all the important PR dates and gives you plenty of space your content across all your different platforms. It includes all important to-do-lists and prompts helping you stay on track. 

Passion Planner: The next stage in inspirational planning with all the normal dairy pages but split up into 30 minute sections to track your time efficiently but also with plenty of goal setting and exercise  pages for defining your goals and game plans to reach them. This is really is the next step up in bullet journalling for your business. 



Stocking filler ideas for adding joy to the working day. 

Print for the office wall: Every freelancer has their favourite quote or saying, find out theirs or maybe give them a new one. You can find plenty online but bonus points for choosing one that matches the office decor or their business branding.

Personalised Loungewear: Where's the fun in being a freelancer if you can't work in your PJs at home every now and again! The ones pictured are from Syd&Co and can be personalised with your own images and name, you can see my Social Elf version here, wearing them with unicorn slippers however is optional. Images can also be added to mugs, pencil cases and tshirts.

Office Mug: Whether your a tea or coffee person it's always better drank from your favourite mug. I prefer a study and large mug for office work and it holds plenty and isn't easy to knock all over your work. Choose a slogan or design you think will make them smile every time they fill the cup. 

I hope they gave you some good ideas of what to buy the freelancer in your life, it's a tough gig so gifts like these make it easier and more fun. The links provided are just so you can find the products photographed easier and are not paid for links. Have fun festive shopping for your freelancer and hope they take a well earned rest over the holiday season. 


{Photo credit by Roberto Nickson on Unsplash}





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